Your Next 20 Social Media Posts Sorted!

Your Next 20 Social Media Posts Sorted!

Do you struggle with a lack of inspiration for your social media content? You’re not alone! Often being immersed in our business means we struggle to think of content that our customers will be interested in consuming, but often it’s the simplest things that people want to see/read about.

To make things a little easier we’ve put together 20 content ideas to help get the creative juices flowing again (and we’ve also created a prompt sheet for you to download here so you can save it for future use).

So, here goes! Use any of these content prompts for those days where your ideas have run dry:

  • Share your company blog post – you’ve spent the time writing it, so make sure as many people as possible get to read it!
  • Share some industry news – remember the people that follow you already have an interest in your industry, therefore they’ll be interested to hear about other new developments in your business world
  • Curated content – share some excellently produced content from other resources like articles, blogs or infographics.
  • Ask a question – not only does this encourage engagement but it can also act as free market research!
  • Share a video – behind the scenes, you packing an order, a finished job – people love to be a little nosey, and recent research shows videos get 135% greater reach than photos
  • Customer reviews and testimonials – let your soon-to-be clients know what your current clients have to say about you – it shows trust in your company especially for those high ticket sales or bigger contracts
  • Offer a tip or some advice – little tidbits of valuable information go a long way!
  • Relevant memes and GIFS – we all love a good meme! Find one that works well for your business and share
  • Host a giveaway – who doesn’t love a competition!
  • Share your achievements – hit a milestone? Let your audience know about it!
  • Go live! If you’re feeling brave, get in front of the camera and go live. Perhaps to announce the launch of a new product or service, or a behind the scenes of your workplace?
  • User generated photographs – have any of your clients ever sent a photo of your handywork? Let others see it too
  • How-to videos – save your customers guessing how something works and offer them a video which does all the hard work for them
  • Have you recently run an event? Raised money for charity? Collaborated with another business? Share more information with the people that care the most
  • Post an answer to a commonly asked question – are you noticing a trend in questions that your customers ask you? Save them the time and answer it before they’ve even asked!
  • Celebrate national days – there are national/international days out there for just about everything! If you can find one that relates to your industry, make it work in a way to relevantly share your business
  • Your company history – share where you were and where you are now. Did it all start on the kitchen table and now you have a team? Be proud of your success!
  • Got an announcement? Make it fun, make it big and get your audience hyped up about it
  • Share a statistic – turn a stat about your business into a fun graphic
  • Reshare your most popular post – you don’t always need to find something new. If you have a post that did well in the past, post it again, and update any relevant parts to make it more timely!

I hope some of these prompts help to give you some ideas to up your content game. I know it can feel like a slog sometimes (and that’s where I can help if needed) but otherwise, have fun with it. Practice makes perfect! Don’t forget to download a handy prompt sheet here.

Let me know which prompts you are going to try next by commenting below!

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