Outsourcing Your Social Media – What’sHolding You Back?

Outsourcing Your Social Media – What’sHolding You Back?

We’re fortunate enough that every week, we get to talk to a variety of SMEs who are toying with the idea of outsourcing some or all of their social media management to us.

Most have come to the decision that to focus more time on their business, they need to outsource certain elements of their business, freeing up more time for business development. They also recognise the value of leaving their channels in the hands of the experts, providing strategy-led social media activity that works towards their business goals.

But there are others who are still on the fence. They know they need to do something, but they are nervous about outsourcing something that is so public, something that is so representative of their brand.

Here are some of the concerns we hear most frequently…..perhaps some may resonate with you!

1. “I’m worried that the content won’t sound like ‘me’, and people will know I didn’t write it!”

For every new client, we carry out a thorough on-boarding process, which not only includes all the logistics of accessing your social channels, but also learning more about you, your business, your client persona, your key messages, and most importantly, your tone of voice. We absorb ourselves in your brand until we’re confident that we can write as though we lived and breathed your business – just like you do.

We’ve been doing this a while now, so more often than not, we tend to hit the right note, but we always reach out for feedback and can tweak anything going forward.

2. “I don’t really like social media, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth it”

Just because you hate social media from a personal perspective, doesn’t mean that your business can’t thrive, make sales and generate leads from it.

If you dislike social media that much, maybe it’s a sign that it really IS time to outsource. Let someone who enjoys it (and we really do!) do the hard work for you leaving you to do the things you love.

3. “I don’t have a massive budget, how many posts can you create for £X a month?”

Whilst volume of posts does make a contribution to our retainer packages, social media management is so much more than throwing out posts with no strategy. We always have a strategy in mind, but ideally, our clients all opt for the full deep dive strategy we provide before we commence any work. This helps keeps us all on the same page and helps to set KPIs and benchmarks before we even begin.

Also, engagement and community management form a huge part of social media management, not to mention all the paid options. The social media sphere is massive and you only really appreciate quite how gigantic it is once you scratch the surface!

4. “My business has really suffered because of Covid. Can you cut your management fee by 50% but still provide 100% of the work?”

As much as we’d like to say yes, the answer is no. Like every business, we also suffered as a result of Covid, and with brutal honesty, you wouldn’t work for free, so neither can we. Having said that, we are always willing to discuss your requirements and work with you to advise what can, and can’t be achieved, with your budget in mind. Perhaps a nurture package or a series of Power Hours will set you back on track for now, until your marketing budget has a chance to accrue?

5. “I’d like you to take full management of my Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter channels and write blogs, newsletter content and website content”

We’d love to! Please accept though that our quote for this will be on a par with hiring a full-time Social Media Executive because that’s exactly what you’re asking us to do. By hiring a freelancer to do this job though, you don’t have the added costs of employing someone full time and paying their holiday, sick leave, national insurance, renting their office space, etc.

6. “I’d like you to manage Facebook advertising for us. My daily budget is £2 a day. Is that ok?”

The short answer is no. We are mostly unable to provide ads management for clients who have under £600/month to spend on their ads, apart from in very particular cases. Conversion ads are at an all-time high cost per lead/purchase because of the iOS14 update, and many other factors. At this time of year especially, with Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, unless you have a budget to compete with the big-boys, there really isn’t any point spending it now. Hang on to it till the New Year.

So, what’s holding you back? We’re always open to have a no-obligation chat to business owners who are sitting on the fence of outsourcing. The last couple of years have been arguably the most trying for many businesses, but without a steady stream of leads, sales or awareness – how are you planning on recovering? Get in touch with us today – book your free consultation call right here.

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