Is your hard work paying off?

Is your hard work paying off?

Ever wondered how valuable your social media efforts really are? Unlike sales, it may seem hard to measure, and therefore you find it easy to see it as one of the least important elements to your business (how often have you heard people say we’ve had to cut our marketing budget!). Of course, you can use UTMs to analyse where your clicks and conversions originate, but we want to help you see just how important and valuable social media really is and how you can measure its success in other ways.

Get more traffic

In just three years there has been an 11% increase in the traffic now being driven from social media, proving that consumers are turning to social media for information, with a staggering 61% of people worldwide looking to it to get their daily news.

And the best part of driving this traffic through social media, is that it carries brand awareness with it. Unlike many other marketing tools, such as ads where you simply click the creative, get the information you want and move on, with social media, you can, with a simple click of a button, follow the company and engage with them time and time again.

Keeping to the forefront of consumers’ minds is invaluable. It is the easiest (and cheapest) way to keep in touch with consumers, whilst gently remaining fresh in their memory, helping to generate a potential sale or lead.

Build awareness

Social media is beyond invaluable when it comes to helping build your brand awareness. Not only does it help to give your company credibility, and therefore building trust, but it also allows your potential consumers to learn more about you and your business before committing to a conversion. A recent survey shows 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies dedicated to social and environmental good!

And even better, social media makes it so much easier for people to tell their network all about you in a tangible way. An easy and effective word-of-mouth strategy.

Drive leads or sales

As we’ve already mentioned, social media is great at driving traffic to your website, but where it really proves itself is once they reach your landing page, because data shows social media buyers are not afraid to buy. A staggering 57% of users are more likely to buy from a brand they already follow on social media – that’s a statistic you cannot afford to ignore!

Retain current customers

Knowing what your target audience want from you and your brand is invaluable to helping you understand how or what you should be focusing on in your business. And social media can do just that. Product feedback, service reviews, tweets about your business and products-in-situ photography all go a long way, not only in gaining new customers, but also by continuing to inspire your current customers.

It is also a platform to let your customer service shine through. Social media is the number one place that customers turn to talk directly to you or resolve a problem. Keep your customers happy by being on the ball with your engagement!

Ultimately social media ROI will look different to each and every company, so it is important to set your goals (KPIs – key performance indicators) beforehand, to help you measure success. The value of social media doesn’t have to be an elusive mystery your brand struggles to solve. Shift the way you think about how social benefits your company from a transactional viewpoint to more relational. You’ll get a much clearer picture of what social media ROI means to your brand and how to measure it.

If you’d like to find out more or think you might need some help, why not book a free 45-minute consultation call with us to discuss your social media marketing goals in more detail? It could be the best move you’ve made all year!

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