10 reasons we should work together

It’s not often that I feel it necessary to blow my own trumpet, but after the flurry of discovery calls I have had with businesses over the last 4 weeks, I’ve realised the many ways in which I am able to help with your marketing efforts.

Perhaps some of these resonate with struggles you are having, or they’ll help to cement your decision to seek help.

1. Sometimes social media can just feel like the biggest job to comprehend. We can break it down into manageable sections, highlighting the areas that will work best for your business.

2. Do you ever consider the importance of B2B comms? No matter what industry you are in, communicating with other businesses will help you and your business. Referrals, leads, market research – it all helps!

3. Having someone focusing their time on marketing will inevitably lead to more leads in your pipeline. We know you’re busy, and sometimes marketing, and lead generation, can be pushed aside in just trying to run the day-to-day business.

4. Burnout is real! And when you take too much on (and the full responsibility falls to you), when you do burnout, the whole business comes to a standstill. Sharing the responsibility not only lightens the load on you but also allows you to focus your attention on areas that require your expertise.

5. Social media is a revolutionary tool for business but it is changing all the time. Keeping on top of trends, changes and news can be a full-time job in itself! We keep on top of our industry news so you don’t have to.

6. Do you ever worry that your competitors are getting ahead of you with their social presence? Maybe it’s time to take the leap like they have….

7. Got a great marketing strategy but struggling to put it into practice? Don’t let all your hard work thus far fall before it’s had a chance to reap the rewards.

8. Comments, messages, questions…the list goes on! A key part of social media, and its effectiveness, is engagement. Posting on social media, but then not actually communicating with your audience, who have taken the time to get in touch, is like ignoring an email or a phone call from a potential client! Engagement should form a significant part of your social marketing strategy.

9. Spent a fortune on a great website a few years ago, and then done nothing with it? Keeping your website updated is crucial. So much business now starts with people visiting your website. Losing them at this stage is an unnecessary barrier to success.

10. Do you consistently send emails to your database? Email marketing is a sure fire way to keep in touch with clients past, present and hopefully future. Planning ahead using a professional email template shows your customers that you mean business.

I KNOW this seems a lot. And the reality is, that’s because it is! Marketing if often pushed aside but I hope the 10 points above highlight just how important it is.

If you are feeling the overwhelm and need some help, why not get in touch with me and we can discuss any of your struggles in more detail. 

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