How to generate warm leads using LinkedIn events

If you have a new release/a launch coming up soon, why not announce the big day in a slightly different way…?

LinkedIn events are a great way to generate hype around a reveal to a targeted audience. And the best bit is that you are given access to this audience’s email address with their express permission, meaning you can build an ongoing relationship with these opted-in prospects.

So how do you do it?

  1. Head to your business page (it’s important that you create this event on your business page and not your personal profile – tests have shown engagement is significantly better for events on a business page).
  2. On the right-hand side of your business page, scroll down and you will see a box headed MANAGE. Click + next to EVENTS.
  1. Follow the on-screen information with regards to your event and fill out all the relevant information.
  2. Now is the most important bit – invite relevant guests! Make sure the people you invite are relevant to the event, so consider industry, location etc. For example, if your event is about marketing and your focus is a UK based audience, then use these as a filter when your INVITE pop up box appears.
    • If you have a team, ensure they do the same. Anyone who is attending the event can also invite people.
  3. You’ve created your event so be sure to keep people updated! Remember to build up hype and, tease people with the information that is coming.
    • Don’t be concerned if you feel your engagement on the event build up is low. People may not interact much but they will be looking! By accepting the invite, most of the hard work is done, they’re already showing they’re interested.
  4. As the event date approaches, be sure to keep active in the event page. Attendees should increase the closer the event gets, so now is the time to convert these people into warm leads.
    • Enagage with people if they comment or post in the event
    • Send personal messages to those attending – find out a bit about why they’re interested etc
    • Don’t pitch your services at this point though! Just reach out and connect in a meaningful way.
  5. The day is here! Make sure you notify your attendees. Perhaps use one of your first posts you posted in the event and recommend the post to all the attendees. Remind them that today is the day.
  6. The event is over, so what now? You may find that a lot of people that signed up, may not have attended the event – don’t worry! Time to follow up –
    • Share a video of the event/screenshots from slides and DM them – this is not the time for a pitch, just a sharing of information.
    • Why not be very 21st century and send them a video message using software such as CloudApp – this allows you to create personal video messages and share to people via social media or email. Thank them for signing up and sharing a link to the event information.

Keep pitching to an absolute minimum. The point of this is to add value and build a relationship with these people. The aim here is that you add value which brings them back wanting more!

If you’d like some more information about LinkedIn events or any of the services we offer, please do get in touch.

Lastly, thanks to Luke Matthews for the inspiring newsletter that prompted this blog!

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