Social media management is NOT an admin job!

This isn’t a plug to tell you that you should be handing your social media management over to us at Red Alert Social (however if you’d like to, you know where we are!). But, this is to remind you to consider who you are giving the responsibility of your social media management to. 

I have been in the game long enough now to understand just how people perceive social media and time and time again, I am seeing businesses deciding to hand the management over to an existing employee who is in an administrative role.

Believe me, I KNOW how important these administrative roles are (they are often the gate keepers!) but social media management is not an admin job. And here’s why.

It is not simply posting some photos on Instagram or popping up a post on Facebook. True social media marketing is strategic. There is a plan in place to connect with your audience, turn them into fans and get them to buy as quickly as possible and then remain as paying customers.

Social Media Managers –

  • Know how to talk to your audience.
  • Know how to turn them into customers.
  • Know how to retain them and keep them buying from you for as long as possible.
  • Understand sales funnels, customer service, crisis management and far more.


This is not a made up job title. Social Media Managers have the skills to help you grow your business in the same way a mechanic has the skills to fix your car – you wouldn’t ask a chef to fix your car, so you wouldn’t ask someone who is not trained in social media to manage your social media!

Employ the right people with the right skill sets in your business, and you can’t go wrong! Whether that is in-house or deciding to outsource, delegate the right jobs to the right people and your business is sure to thrive.

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