Three NEW LinkedIn Features

In an ever-changing world, social media platforms are having to react and adapt to the needs of users, and professional network LinkedIn, is no different.
In the last few weeks, LinkedIn has announced three changes that we think signal a very positive step forward.

1. After extensive testing, LinkedIn is launching real-time captions for audio events with beta participants. Previously audio events were accessible by audio only.

Why is this good?

Making audio events accessible for those with hearing impairments or listeners who wish to engage in a quiet setting using real-time captions, means making your events available to a much greater audience.

How to do it?

To enable captions, tap the three dots in the top right of the audio event window then tap Turn On Captions (Beta).
Captions are available in English and can be toggled on or off.
2. LinkedIn is expanding the ability to feature a URL link on user profiles to creators, with a public rollout in the near future.

Why is this good?

You will have the ability to redirect profile visitors to your website, portfolio or your latest event by including a call-to-action for its URL among valuable retail space at the top of your page.

How to do it?


3. Finally, LinkedIn has introduced a feature that lets service providers share client reviews in their feed.

Why is this good?

Client reviews are a powerful tool for business growth on LinkedIn – more so since the upsurge in customers requesting services on the platform since March 2020.

Sharing your reviews on LinkedIn will help reap the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising – multiplying the impact of a single review among your connections.

How to do it?

Once you create a Service Page and start providing services, you can invite up to 20 past clients to write a review about your level of service –

  1. Access your LinkedIn Service Page admin view.
  2. Click the Invite to review button.
  3. Select a service category.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Select the checkbox next to the relevant past client(s).
  6. Click the Invite button.

What do you think to these updates? Can you see them being helpful to you and your business? I’d love to know!

If LinkedIn still feels like a bit of a maze to you, don’t panic. We can help! Why not book a power hour and we can run through the basics to get you up and running!

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