5 Simple Ways to Engage with your Audience

Do you spend hours prepping and planning your social media content, just to find that it’s a bit of a flump? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. We want to share with you 5 easy ways to engage wth your audience and ensure that the work you put in, reaps reward!

1. Pull back the curtain

Customers want to feel like they have a relationship with a brand.

Many companies create product/service based social media posts, but behind-the-scenes posts can help potential customers feel connected to your brand. When you share more about the intricacies of your business, customers feel like they’re getting to know your company.

This level of sharing can translate into increased revenue, as 53% of customers say they are likely to buy from brands that are transparent on social media.

2. Teach your followers 

Create posts that help customers see why they need you or your product and how they can get benefit from it.

You can either share content you’ve already created, such as an infographic or video, or create new educational content specifically for these posts. While sharing other people’s content can be effective, this type of post involves your brand providing educational information — so creating your own unique content works best.

3. Make them laugh

Companies often err on the side of being too serious and businesslike. By using humour on social media, you can increase engagement with current customers and grow your follower count when people share your post with their friends.

However, humour can easily backfire, so start by considering your audience and think about whether the post is something your followers would feel comfortable and compelled to share publicly.

4. Share interesting content

By sharing content from other businesses and people who are interesting and relevant to your followers, you can build trust and increase your value. When you share another person’s blog post or infographic, they are more likely to share your content with their followers — which increases your exposure as well.

Make sure that the originator shares similar values as your brand.

5. Sell your products and services

With 37% of consumers saying that social networks are their biggest source of inspiration for purchasing, promotional posts should be part of your strategy. However, posts that directly promote your products and services should make up only a small portion of your posts. When you create promotional posts, consider adding a reason 
buyers should purchase from you.

I hope this has helped to give you some inspiration for your own social media channels. If you’re still struggling, why not book a power hour and we can run through a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing again!

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