15 blog post ideas to get you started

Have you got a business blog that needs a little bit of attention, or have you been thinking about whether you should start a blog?

Often the enthusiasm for blog writing is high at the start, but a lack of content ideas means it often falls on the wayside. We’re here to help!

Here are 15 quick fire ideas to get your blog off the ground!

1. Case studies – they’re a great way to illustrate the real-world results that your company gets for its clients.

2. Interactive content – a more fun and useful way to get people to engage, e.g. a quiz.

3. Infographics – perfect way to visually represent data that might otherwise would be dry and unengaging.

4. Expert/blog roundups – by contacting the experts and bloggers whom you’re including, it’s more likely that they’ll share your post with their own followers.

5. Interviews – contact a leader in your field and interview them about the state of the industry.

6. The latest and greatest from your company or industry – shows your thought leadership in addition to creating highly searchable content.

7. Book or podcast review – seek out media like books or podcasts that are related to your industry and write a review.

8. Write about a past or upcoming event – if the event has already passed, go image-heavy and post plenty of photos. If it hasn’t happened yet, use your blog to talk up the event and help promote it.

9. Highlight a client or vendor – unlike a case study, this should take more of a personal approach.

10. Answer a frequently asked question or address a concern from social media – add value to your audience by producing helpful content that they’ll remember or share with their networks.

11. Use your already existing content to create new blog posts – If you’ve got content assets like webinars, ebooks, infographics, etc. you can get more mileage out of them if you break them up into blog-post-sized pieces.

12. Research what topics the most popular bloggers in your industry are writing about, and brainstorm from there – keeping on top of industry trends will increase your website traffic and make your content more relevant and meaningful.

13. “Best of” companies using social media – list posts are always popular, and one good list for B2B blogs is a roundup of some of the top B2B social media profiles.

14. Write an opinion post on a popular blog post or news story in your industry – a strategic way to piggyback off of popular blog posts or news stories, as well as demonstrating your industry knowledge.

15. “Behind the Scenes” posts – give readers a glimpse into your company culture with a “behind the scenes” or “day in the life” post. These are fun to read, and gives you the chance to “sell” your company on a more personal level.

We hope some of these prompts have given you some inspiration to help you with your blog and get those creative juices flowing. Keep us posted on how you get on!

  • Ryan Biddulph
    Posted at 11:33h, 06 September Reply

    This is an excellent list of ideas Charlie. The behind the scenes posts are popular.


  • Charlie Smith
    Posted at 11:41h, 06 September Reply

    Thank you Ryan! I’m glad you found it useful! ?

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