Building the foundations for your social media

When we talk about social media management, it might surprise you to hear that posting good quality content is actually the last thing we nail down.

Would you build a house on a swamp? What would happen to that house if you didn’t have a solid foundation?

We don’t build houses on swamps with soggy foundations. And your social media strategy shouldn’t be any different.

Without first understanding and tackling EVERYTHING else in the chain, it’s no surprise that so much content fails to make an impression if the following elements aren’t defined:

? Audience persona/ideal client (we’re talking specifics here)

⚡ The right channels on which to represent your business (don’t spread yourself too thinly but make sure you’re in the right places)

?️ Tone of voice (resonate with your ideal clients)

? Social listening (understanding the breadth of pertinent topics in your industry at any one time is crucial)

? Engagement (authentic interactions with your target audience and those who influence them will get you far)

? Undertaking competitor analysis (a good strategy to ensure you’re ahead of the game)

? Community management (building an authentic community of likeminded people whilst adding value to them will boost your brand no end)

? Nailing your branding to carry forward into your social media content (helps to boost brand consistency, and therefore brand recognition)

# Hashtag research (using trending, relevant hashtags bespoke to each channel – no cross-posting even between Facebook & Instagram!)

? Staying on top of key dates to maximise engagement (events, national days, awareness months and seasonal audience state of mind need to be researched at regular intervals).

Only then can you even THINK about producing content for your channels. And this list is by no means exhaustive!

The role of a (decent) social media manager is not just about posting content – in fact, this is just a tiny proportion of what their job entails. Social media management is more about engaging with the right users and accounts to grow your channels and posting good quality content, underpinned by an awesome content strategy, is equally as important but your carefully thought-out content won’t get seen by the right people if you don’t first lay your foundations, and continue to maintain those foundations.

So, if the CEO or MD of your business thinks social media management is just posting pretty pictures on Instagram, share this blog with them and hopefully they’ll start changing their mind about that!

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