Your ultimate guide to Instagram Reels

Whether you like it or not, Instagram loves Reels.

Reels are ‘The future of video storytelling on Instagram’, and already make up 20% of the time people spend on the platform. If you don’t already incorporate Reels into your Instagram marketing strategy yet, you’re likely already missing out on opportunities.

By integrating Reels into your creative strategy, you can drive

  1. Passionate engagement – use expressive storytelling
  2. Meaningful reach – find those who will connect over a shared love for your content
  3. Cultural relevance – make them authentic and relevant


So, where should you start? Let’s start at the beginning, with a few of the basics –

  1. Make sure you are using the full mobile screen to create your content but be aware of the safe zones of the screen to improve your click-through rates
  2. Design your Reels with sound in mind, as music can help to captivate attention as well as creating a connection with your audience
  3. Inject a little fun into your Reels with visual effects to enhance the story
  4. Entertaining Reels (including educational) elicit emotions such as happiness, interest and curiosity, which in turn teaches your audience or helps them to learn more about something they love


What makes a great Reel?

  1. Nail the hook – you need to grab attention within the first 5 seconds and keep your audience engaged
  2. Consider using a voiceover to bring your brand personality to life
  3. Add bite-sized text to reinforce your brand message
  4. Be personal and speak directly to your audience
  5. Speak to your audience in a language they understand connecting with their goals and ambitions
  6. Partner with creators to authentically connect with audiences with shared interests


Ready to find out more and get your Reel journey started? Instagram have released an in-depth guide to help you – download it here.

Still feel in a bit of a spin about it all? Don’t worry, we can help – get in touch and let’s get your Reels off to a flying start together.


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