Social Media Agencies: Your Business’s Best Friend

It goes without saying that social media marketing is an incredibly powerful and successful tool at helping businesses target new customers and boost sales. So how can you continue to make it work for you and your business in 2023? Here’s our top tips to make this year your best (and hopefully) most stream-lined year yet!

1. Keep up with changing trends – if you’ve been signed up to our newsletter for some time, you will know that there has been a lot of changes in the social media world over the last couple of years. Keeping on top of these changes, as well as new trends and tools, is imperative. Whether it’s changes to algorithms, platforms, influencers etc, they can all help to make your social media journey that bit easier, and therefore, more successful.

2. Make use of scheduling tools – we promise you, automating your social media will make your life so much easier! No longer will you experience the rush of trying to plan your content last minute, but instead, when creativity strikes, take advantage and plan your content for the next few days/weeks. Some scheduling tools will also allow you to analyse trends in your content and the audience you’ve reached to determine that you are reaching the right people and publishing the right content.

3. Switch up your content – it is easy to fall into a pattern of making your social media posts very sale heavy, which a lot of platform algorithms will start to downgrade, but also can become tiresome for your followers to see over and over. Why not post some user-generated content? These are photos that your customers have shared with you, or via their own social media channels, using and enjoying your product or service. This social proof helps to boost your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customer.

4. Prioritise quality over quantity – don’t fall into the trap of believing that you need to be posting on every social media platform every day of the week. Our best advice is to always ensure that the content you are posting is relevant and engaging for your audience, even if it means you only post a few times a week. Review the platforms that your target audience are using and focus your attention on those.

5. If appropriate for your business, leverage influencers to amplify your message. Working with influencers can help to create conversations about your brand, whilst expanding your reach to their audience. Not only can this help to get some great user-generate content (as per our tip above), but it may also help to expose your business to people that otherwise may have never heard of you. Be sure to carefully research the influencers for your business, and pick someone that aligns with your company goals as well as the right target audience.

I hope these tips will help you to kickstart your social media strategy for 2023! Don’t forget, my team and I are always here to help if you need a little more guidance, or would like someone to take this job off the to do list! Find out more about the full range of services we offer here or why not book in for a free consultation call and we can discuss your plans in more detail.

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