How to crack the LinkedIn algorithm

Algorithm. The word that most social media users have come to fear. What is it? How do you crack it? Does it really matter?

In one answer. Yes.

Today, we’re going to share the results from the LinkedIn Algorithm Report for 2022 compiled by Richard van der Blom and Just Connecting. Collectively they’ve constructed a 57-page document that shares the insights to help you get more eyes on your content, increase reach and engagement of your posts.

We’ve read all 57 pages of the report for you and picked out what we believe are 6 of the best pointers from it –

  1. Posting is not enough – nurture your post after publishing and stick around to engage with other posts – at least 3 other posts from your network. This can increase your post’s reach by 20%. Respond to comments to the post within 1 hour for another 20% growth. Avoid commenting first on your post; it will slow down growth. Short comments have half the impact of comments that contain more than 12 words. Every comment you receive will increase the reach of your post by 4% if within your own network, or 3% in the network of the person that commented. Wait at least 10 minutes before you edit your post. Aim for 1200-1600 characters per post.

  2. Use tags wisely – any tagged person or company that does not engage slows down the growth of the post.
  3. Use more than 3 and less than 10 hashtags. Create a personal hashtag – they’re still relevant!

  4. Consistency is key – if you post regularly (minimum 2 posts per week) and you stop posting for more than a month, the first 4-5 posts will receive about 30% less reach than before.

  5. Influence your feed – commenting on a post increases the chance of seeing the next post from the same author by 70% (80% for shares). LinkedIn analyses the type of content you’re consuming and shows you more of it (videos, polls, document posts etc). Liking a post increases the chance of seeing the next post from this author by 30%.You will see all new posts from new connections for the first two weeks of your relationship.

  6. Selfies deliver 3 x more engagement and up to 2.5 x more reach.


Use these tips to help get your LinkedIn content in front of more people and see how far your efforts go in 2023!

If you’re ready to supercharge your LinkedIn page, I’m happy to offer more advice and tips. My team and I can also also help with building you a strategy. Just book in for a FREE consultation call to get you started.

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