Tips to help working from home work for you!

Wednesday marked the first day of Spring, and we’re so ready for it! Warmer temperatures, brighter longer days and hopefully some more positive news in the World!

Whilst we wait for the British weather to read the memo above, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that although things can feel a little heavy right now, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are looking after you. After all, if you aren’t looking after you, who is going to look after your business?

Take a couple of minutes to read some of our tips to enjoy some self-care, and be sure to put mental health at the top of your to-do list this March.

– Set yourself boundaries

It is very easy in this new world, of working from home, to blur the lines when work stops and home life begins. With the computer only a few feet away from you, it has become harder to not be tempted to just quickly send one more email, or finish that report you started earlier in the day. Be sure to stop.

– Turn off notifications

Whether you work in digital marketing or not, our lives our surrounded by social media and the buzz that it creates, including the endless notifications. We must learn to allow our brains to wind down and turn off for the night, so restrict the time you receive notifications, or turn them off completely so that you are not tempted to keep doom-scrolling.

– Plan your time

As humans, we are not designed to work non-stop for countless hours throughout the day, It is important to give our brains, and our bodies, time to switch off. Consider a task you need to do and set yourself a time block. Once that time is up, get up, walk around or even get out to give yourself a change of scenery. This will help to refresh your mind, and you will find you achieve more in the time block you’ve set.

Stephen Covey, an American educator, says it perfectly, The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

– Make your workspace work for you

If you work from home, create a designated workspace that inspires you but also gives you a space that doesn’t blur the lines between work and home. Make it fun, inviting, somewhere you want to work! We spend a lot of our lives working, so why not make it a place you want to be!

We hope these tips have helped a little. Small changes now can revolutionise the way you work and your attitude towards it. Ultimately we are all different, so what works for one, may not work for another. Find what works for you!

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