Facebook Advertising Tips from the Meta Team

Meta (AKA Facebook) has created a new video series named, ‘Ask an Expert’, which as the name suggests takes some of the most commonly asked questions and answers them!

Four employees (two from Instagram and two from the Meta team) form the panel, and in the first of their video series, they tackled everything Facebook advertising.

We had a good watch, made some notes, and we wanted to share their advice to help you on your advertising journey. And here they are –

1. Video content

Whether it’s for advertising, or for your social content, keep your videos to under one minute long. Always film in a vertical aspect, and use as much natural lighting as possible. They also advised not to get sucked in to having to spend a lot of money on filming equipment. Mobile phones nowadays are good enough quality, and they’re already platform-native!

2. Advertising spend

The experts make it very clear that no matter your budget, advertising can work, it is about measuring the success of the ads and tweaking them, which will determine its effectiveness. Most importantly, your ROAS (return on ad spend) should be above 1, so for every £1 you spend, you are getting at least £1 back. If you aren’t seeing this result, optimise your ads with A/B testing using different creatives and leverage multiple placements to maximise exposure without spending extra.

3. Up your advertising performance

Here are the key areas –

– Creative – they believe video is key! See our first bullet point above about how to make your video content pop!

– Objective – make sure they align with your key business goals

– Targeting – use the Meta Pixel to retarget past customers and audiences who have heard of you but aren’t customers yet

4. General tips

Looking to improve your followers? Always think about quality over quantity. Don’t get overly concerned with building a huge following – a loyal following, big or small, is more important. Post 2 – 3 times a week and respond to messages and comments as soon as you can to strengthen community management.

And that’s it! Direct from the experts, those with the know-how, here’s a simple overview of ways to make your Facebook advertising work!

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