Happy Birthday LinkedIn!

Did you know that this month marks a whopping 20 years since LinkedIn was created? And did you also know that LinkedIn is the oldest of all the social media platforms?

With a very clear directive to create a professional platform, LinkedIn has established and maintained this niche, which has helped them endure rocky roads where other platforms have fallen.

To celebrate this milestone, LinkedIn have created this great infographic which outlines key dates in its 20-year history and shows just how far the platform has come in two decades.

As LinkedIn advertising experts, we love the platform at Red Alert Social. We have worked with many businesses to grow their presence on the platform, to help build relationships and generate sales.

And there are many reasons why the platform is so great – here are just a few reasons – 

1. LinkedIn has members from over 200 countries worldwide, which means you have the potential to reach a HUGE audience.

2. Pages that post weekly have 5.6x more followers than those posting monthly, so if you have found yourself neglecting your LinkedIn profile, now might be the time to build LinkedIn into your social marketing strategy.

3. According to LinkedIn, brands that advertise on LinkedIn are seen as “higher quality” by 50% of respondents, while 92% of brands are seen as “more professional”, 74% are “more intelligent,” and 59% are “more respectable. 

4. More than 58 million companies are listed on LinkedIn, with 2.7 million posting on the platform daily. If this doesn’t provide ample opportunities to build strong business relationships, we don’t know what does!

There are some pretty incredible stats here, and this is testiment to the strong ethos that LinkedIn have stood by since their inception date.

We love using LinkedIn, but we know that some people find it hard to juggle the right tone of voice to use on the platform compared to others. We can offer our key tips and advice to make the most of LinkedIn for you and your business, so why not book a call with Charlie to find out more. Alternatively, why not book an audit to see how your LinkedIn profiles are performing; we can highlight any keys areas for improvement, make recommendations for ways to optimise your page and highlight visual changes we believe will elevate your pages.

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