Ready to improve your LinkedIn ads?

Have you taken the leap and started running LinkedIn ads for your business? Perhaps you’ve been doing them for a while, but need a bit of inspiration to make them work a little bit harder for you?

We want to share some of our favourite tips to get that ROI up as high as you can –

1. Find ways to interact
Some of the best social media posts and ads call for people to interact with it, but the best ones keep this process simple and ensure that users get something for engaging. It can be as simple as contributing to a poll, or replying to comments, but if you’re seeking interaction, it’s important to consider what you’re able to give back for that activity.

2. Disrupt the norm
This seems like an obvious thing to say, but posts that make a user stop scrolling, are going to perform the best. Consider using bold or counter-intuitive statements that ignite the reader’s imagination and curiosity, or include eye-pleasing, pattern-breaking visuals that stand out in the scroll.

3. Inspire
If you are able to trigger an emotional response in your post, then it is far more likely to gets users interests. LinkedIn suggests, “Instead of settling for inspirational quotes, aim to create stories that inspire confidence in your brand and connect back to your company’s core values. Inspirational stories that reinforce your brand’s values can deliver positive effects for years.”

4. Use the right visuals
It is so important to get your visuals looking their best, and that means considering how they will look on any device. Embed larger images instead of standard thumbnails, as content with larger images tend to get a 38% higher CTR. An image size of 1200 x 627 pixels is recommended, but also vertical images work great on mobile and always test square images against landscape – results will differ for each and every ad campaign.

5. Make your headlines concise
Shorter headlines generally lead to more engagement, so we recommend aiming for 150 characters or fewer. As for descriptive copy, we suggest aiming for 70 characters or fewer (anything over 100 characters will be truncated on desktop). Don’t get caught up trying to be too clever with your posts, when you really want to grab attention and entice clicks.

Give these tips a go and let us know how you get on, we’d love to know! If after trying these, you’re still struggling, why not get in touch, and we can chat through what you’re trying to achieve in more detail. Just head to our contact form to get in touch.

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