Ways to repurpose your social media content

Looking for ways to repurpose your social media content?

Content repurposing is re-using existing content and presenting it in a new format to expand its reach and lifespan. When making new content, think of different ways to share it again by repurposing the content.

The focus is not on repeating, but on utilising your own content. This involves giving it a fresh perspective and ensuring that everyone can benefit from what you have to offer.

Why should you repurpose your content?

Repurposing content can potentially give you an SEO boost. When you have multiple pieces of content centred around similar targeted keywords, search engine crawlers will generally recognise you as a source of authority.

Additionally, repurposing content helps you scale, both in terms of content amount and audience reach.

How do you repurpose your content?

Let’s take a blog article to start with. Here are just a few ways you could repurpose it –

  1. Create a YouTube video
  2. Create an infographic
  3. Turn it into an e-book
  4. Extract thought leadership quotes
  5. Create a podcast episode

And for your social media posts –

  1. Use old images as post backgrounds
  2. Post snippets of existing video content
  3. Share user-generated content
  4. Repost social media content from your other profiles
  5. Create new infographics
  6. Extract quotes from existing content

Another easy way to repurpose content is to update some of your older posts. There may be new developments or advice you can share on a topic you’ve already written about in the past. So, take your old post, make some adjustments and additions, and re-publish it. You don’t have to completely change it, just make sure it appeals to today’s audience.

Creating high-quality content takes time, care and resources, so be sure to take advantage of your hard work and make it work across as many platforms as you can. You can continue to create new content, whilst at the same time giving new life to your existing, high-quality pieces and providing your audience with relevant, timeless information.

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