16 predictions for social media in 2024

16 predictions for social media in 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, blogger Andrew Hutchinson predicts what will happen in social media in 2024. With an 80% accuracy over the last three years, it would seem Andrew’s predictions are nearly almost right!

We’ve read through them all and wanted to share our summary of the ones we feel are most relevant to you.


1. More AI and more video is coming – expect to see Reels continue to dominate user feeds. The reach of link posts has continued to decline this year, which means that your Page and profile following is now less relevant, versus the engagement you can drive with each individual post.

2. The drive for celebrity-influenced AI chatbots won’t work. The newness will fade fast when you have usefulness, which cancels out the need for famous people’s influence.

3.Meta wants more people to use their 3D avatars to connect with others in the metaverse. In the future, we will all be interacting as digital versions of ourselves. 

4. Expect to see many amazing examples of Meta’s AR glasses next year, as it looks to ramp up the hype around how both its AR and VR experiences will enhance your real-world experience.

5. Messaging is the new social media, with more and more people now switching to private messaging groups to share their latest updates, as opposed to posting publicly. Meta will add a range of new ad options aligned with messaging, following on from the popularity of its “Click To Message Ads”, which have become a bigger consideration for many.


6. Like Facebook, more AI and more video is coming using collaborative AI images, which friends can contribute to, creating all new kinds of digital collages, and in-stream visual editing tools that will enable you to update specific sections of your photos with generated elements.

7. Threads will evolve. The platform has grown, especially in the last few weeks, triggered by the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has highlighted the flaws in X’s revised approaches to moderation, verification, etc.

8. AR shopping activations is coming that’ll help brands bring their product experiences to life via the app.


9. With a bit of a misstep when it came to verification, there will be move to re-build it as a more prestigious and valuable offering once again.

10. As a social platform, X isn’t great, but as a news platform, it works, so expect to see real-time news content more of a focus, through dedicated feeds and highlights, that’ll better link users into trending conversations.

11. Previously the platform had been looking for ways to better integrate live sport content to maximise engagement, so expect to see a push to get this sports integration nailed.


12. LinkedIn has gone more all-in on generative AI than any other platform, but 2024 will shift the focus of its AI usage towards enhancing the in-app experience, and improving content matching and discovery.

13. Although already available, LinkedIn will look to improve its offering of virtual events and video streams.

14. Using its unmatched professional database, LinkedIn’s better placed than any platform in history to highlight career pathways and opportunities. This presents as a key area for growth, with more career guidance type tools, built around AI chat prompts within the app.

15. Improved candidate incentive prompts will help guide users towards improving their skills, and refining their profile, based on regular tips.

16. To combat bots, and improve trust in the platform, LinkedIn is going to give users the opportunity to confirm their identity, and verify their profile, in the app. They hope to confirm the IDs of 100 million users by 2025.

So, what do you think? Any of these predictions your dreading? Or any that you can’t wait to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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