Our Social Media Predictions for 2024

Getting started on your 2024 social media plans? Then you’ll want to know all about our social predictions to look out for in 2024 to make your efforts go that little bit further!

We know there’s a lot of predictions and trends circulating the internet right now and this can be confusing, particularly if you’re new to the social game or social media management isn’t your primary skill but its success lies with you in your team. We’ve taken some of the most prolific predictions out there (the ones we believe to be more trustworthy!) and some of our own and listed the top three below so you can be sure your 2024 social media calendar brings you back a healthy return. 

1: No surprise – AI continues to dominate the market.

In terms of what AI means for social media management, generative AI is still the no.1 tool that marketers are investing in to improve their digital presence. Generative AI relates to any artificially generated content such as text (thanks to ChatGPT for starting that craze!), image (try Canva’s text to image app – if nothing else, the images you produce will entertain you and your colleagues no end!), video (we’re using invideo.AI at the moment with some great results – give them a shot!) and audio (examples – text to speech in any accent you desire! Or even music – check the royalties though, it’s not always free). 

Whilst we don’t advocate the use of these tools to create your content without any human interaction at all, they are huge time savers and with the right prompts, you can generate some really great content. It’s so very important though to fact-check and tweak/optimise your content to ensure you’re not sharing misinformation. You also don’t want to come across to ‘robot-y’, it’s quite easy to identify when content is made up of 100% generative AI tools and can be off-putting while the technology is still evolving.

No.2 Why not utilise Threads?

Threads is a relatively new social media platform that launched in 2023 operated by Meta Platforms. The app offers users the ability to post and share text, images and videos, as well as interact with other users’ posts through replies, reposts, and likes. Closely linked to Instagram, you must have an Instagram account to use Threads and you have to use the same handle. The functionality of Threads is similar to X (formerly known as Twitter), and while X is going through its evolution, many users have jumped ship and gone to Threads as an alternative platform. Users are now up to 23.7 million in the States alone, so it’s a channel that shouldn’t be ignored in your social media strategy. If your target market are mainly male (28%) belonging to the age group of 15 to 23 years, you’re in luck. Meanwhile, demographics of active users also report that 11% of males and 5% of females are aged between 18 to 25 years. So, if your brand targets young men specifically, you should get yourself to Threads!

No. 3 Short form video – get on it!

You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but short form video content really is still the no.1 content type consumed on all the major social platforms. This does obviously depend on your audience or your target consumers, but generally speaking, short form video is still the king of content. It’s not always easy to generate this type of content – it’s time consuming to edit and difficult to know what to include, and what to leave behind. Our top tips on producing short form video content are:

  • Keep it simple – less is more when it comes to shooting your raw footage
  • Make it punchy – you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention so ensure the first 2 seconds are shouting the loudest!
  • Define a clear call to action – just one – and stick to it. Make it easy for your audience to action – for example ‘click here’ ‘sign up here’ or ‘subscribe here’. (It’s up to you to make your call to action appealing, so don’t lose momentum where you need it most!)


There you have it! Our top 3 predictions for social in 2024. If you need any help with your strategy, the team at Red Alert Social are poised and ready to transform your channels.

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