Unweaving Threads: Should you include it in your social media strategy for 2024?

Unweaving Threads: Should you include it in your social media strategy for 2024?

Just when you thought you were on top of all the different algorithm changes and platform updates, along comes a new social media platform to throw into the mix! Although Threads isn’t all that new anymore, as a social media agency we’ve been asked by business owners regularly over the past 6 months or so whether it should be included in their social media strategy. Well, that would all depend on a few key factors which we’re going to highlight here.

So, let’s delve into the world of Threads and see whether it’s a good place to promote your business!

Are your target audience present on Threads?

Recent research shows that of the 130 million monthly active Threads users, 68% are male. 32% of Threads users are female. 28% of male Threads users are between 23 to 25 years old. If your target audience largely sits within these criteria, then there’s a good reason to promote your brand there. Particularly if you target young men, this could be an untapped market for your business. If you target women in their 40’s, for example, you might find your content falls a little flatter; however with 32% of users being female, that’s still a fair chunk of the market. Further research into women’s ages on Threads should be undertaken if you need to target women of a certain age though, and these demographics fluctuate month on month so do keep an eye on them.

Do you have enough quality content to keep up with the fast-moving algorithm?

It might surprise you to learn that Threads requires a high content volume if you’re to be noticed and grow your channel. When we say high, we’re talking 4-10 posts a day – eek! This is a similar content volume to that needed on X, to achieve the same goal of growing your following and improving your channel. You might fall off your chair at this, but our tip here is to break down longform content into bite size chunks to share on Threads in individual updates. Go back and look at your blogs you wrote a while back, or longform LinkedIn posts or articles. Use one or two hashtags for further reach, and get that content repurposed to appeal to a Threads audience. You can use images or photos to illustrate your post if you wish, but plain text is also acceptable on the platform (especially with a high content volume like this, it’s perfectly fine to share posts without media). Don’t forget to respond to any comments you get on your posts, as this tells the algorithm you’re an active user which will increase your impressions and reach.

What should you do to stay on top of the Threads algorithm for 2024?

Threads’ AI system employs various input signals to rank content and enhance user experience. These signals include predicting users’ post preferences based on their viewing history and liked posts, determining engagement likelihood by analysing click rates for replies and author profiles, and assessing content relevance through scroll behavior and profile clicks. The algorithm aims for a balance between post ranking and content discovery, mixing familiar content with new suggestions to refine user preferences and support creators. Threads also introduced Topic Tags for trending conversations and improved search functionality, allowing users to organise content and find relevant topics. Additionally, users have control over their feed’s content through features like blocking accounts and filtering out specific words or phrases. These options promote personalisation and a tailored user experience on the platform. So, like any other social media platform, you need to ensure your content is engaging, relevant, entertaining and/or educational in order to get the most out of each post. Not an easy job when you should be posting multiple times in one day!

In conclusion, we suggest incorporating Threads into your social media strategy for 2024 if your target audience are active there, you have enough quality content to feed into the platform (or you have a fully functioning content generating machine which is up to the job) and you can ensure your posts are going to strike a cord with your audience. If you already post to X multiple times a day, there’s no harm in repurposing that content for Threads. With the talk of the API coming soon to Threads to allow for content scheduling from third party platforms such as Agorapulse and Hootsuite, it’ll be even easier to post consistently in the coming months. For now, it’s native posting only – but that won’t last much longer! 

Good luck with your Threads journey – let us know how you get on! 

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