Generate Leads from your LinkedIn Profile in Three Easy Steps!​

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Are your LinkedIn marketing efforts falling on deaf ears? Do you hear your colleagues talk about leads they’d received from LinkedIn but you have no idea how to even start generating your own? Do you find LinkedIn a bit of a brain-bender, you’re not sure what to post to add value to your network and you have no strategy to speak of?


These are common gripes when it comes to business leaders managing LinkedIn profiles to generate leads. Even if their objective is to showcase their business and raise its profile before they even think about generating leads, it can be challenging to know where to start.


Luckily, Red Alert Social are here to help you start the process of generating a steady stream of sales-qualified leads to enrich your pipeline.

Common LinkedIn Grievances

1. I simply don't have the time to manage my own LinkedIn profile.
That's because you're a very busy head of department, CEO or Managing Director. And that's why businesses like Red Alert Social exist, to help you with handy downloadable guides to put you on the path to success. Alternatively, you can contact us for a quote on managing your profile on your behalf!
2. It just scares me a bit!
We understand. LinkedIn used to scare us too! As with anything, the more you dive in the easier it becomes. Our downloadable guide will help you increase your confidence with using the platform.
3. I dislike putting myself 'out there'.
As with point 2, the more you use LinkedIn the more it will form a daily ritual. It's all about making it a part of your working routine!
4. I don't use my LinkedIn account enough...
So, now's the time to start logging in every day! And once those leads start rolling in, you'll be logging in every spare moment!
5. What do I need to do to get started?
All you need is a LinkedIn personal profile which is linked to your business via your current employment, then download this guide and follow the three easy steps. It really is that simple! Our tried and tested method will revolutionise the way you approach organic lead generation. And remember - Red Alert Social has your back and can fully support you if you need to outsource any part of this process.
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You Might Be Wondering...

Who are Red Alert Social?
We are a specialist B2B Social Media Management Agency. Working with a small team of Social Media Managers, Red Alert Social specialise in producing B2B Social Media Management services for small to medium-sized businesses. From content creation to audits, strategy to training – we have your B2B socials taken care of.


Who do Red Alert Social typically work with?
Our clients are typically business leaders of IT and Tech companies. In some cases they are the CEO, Managing Director or they might be the Head of Marketing or Marketing Director. One thing these people have in common is time – they don’t have any. That’s where we come in!

Can I download this guide and read it later?
Of course! Download it, save it, share it with co-workers – it’s yours to keep and refer to whenever you need it.


What other services do you provide on LinkedIn?
Red Alert Social can also provide LinkedIn profile audits, bespoke cover image design, content creation, strategy and audits. Contact us for more information.