LinkedIn Growth Package


How to generate leads on LinkedIn for free – make a start by downloading our free guide “LinkedIn Lead Generation’!

Connections added remain for the lifetime of your account, meaning that these relationships only build stronger and more stable over time. We don’t use automation software – it’s all authentic activity which the algorithm will reward you for!


Whilst you’re targeting and adding your ideal clients to your network as a result of our outreach training, we will create and post excellent content consistently to post to your profile. The more contacts added to your network, the more eyeballs on your business. We will utilise your optimised LinkedIn profile to carry out our tried and tested lead generation recipe for success, as outlined below:


We have two ‘off the shelf’ packages to choose from to generate leads from LinkedIn, depending on whether it’s best to use organic or paid methods. If using organic methods, it’s best to use the LinkedIn profile of the individual within the business who’s responsibility it is to lead generate. Often this is the New Business Developer/Manager, but other times it’s the Managing Director/CEO. Please note – we don’t use or endorse the use of LinkedIn automation software to implement outreach on your behalf.

We start with undertaking a full audit of the LinkedIn profile that we’re to work with. This is a one-off set up cost of £200.

Organic Package:

  • 3 x posts/week (12/month) on 1 LinkedIn personal profile
  • 3 x posts/week (12/month) on 1 LinkedIn Company Page
  • 1 x hour training on lead generation techniques/month (with the LinkedIn profile holder)
  • 2 x hours/week engagement on Company Page (8/month)
  • Monthly stats report.

Total monthly cost: £1,600 + VAT

Boost your pipeline with leads generated from your LinkedIn profile

Are your LinkedIn lead generation efforts falling on deaf ears? Do you hear your colleagues talk about leads they received from LinkedIn but have no idea how to even start generating your own? Do you find LinkedIn a bit of a brain-bender, you’re not sure what to post to add value to your network and you have no strategy to speak of?


These are common gripes when it comes to business owners managing their own LinkedIn accounts to generate leads. Even if their objective is to showcase their business and raise its profile before they even think about generating leads, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Luckily, Red Alert Social are here to remove this burden and furnish you with a steady stream of sales-qualified leads to enrich your pipeline.


Our LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns enhance your profile and demonstrate credibility with your new and growing target audience. We are champions of the ‘like, know and trust’ ethos and we firmly believe that the longevity of business relationships rely on this. Red Alert Social advocate that people buy from people – so whilst we build this relationship on your behalf with your target demographic with carefully structured content which primes them for nurture, you can focus on managing your business.

Profile Audit

Firstly, we will undertake a full profile audit that your ideal clients will feel compelled to connect with as a solid foundation to the campaign. We will copy-edit your headline, summary, re-design your cover photo in line with your branding (if necessary) and add visual media to your Featured section  to become searchable, indexable and more appealing to your ideal clients. We will also suggest updates to your profile to further increase your chances on search results.


We will provide 1 x 1 hour training session a month (or more regularly, if you wish) to teach you the skills to manage your own outreach on the platform, connecting with those that fit your ideal client criteria.


We will work with you to identify your target personas during the on-boarding process. This will enable you to frequently proactively seek, target and grow your connections of your ideal clients who will see your carefully created content.

Social Media Content

We work with a proven content pillar structure, ensuring that all content posted aligns with your sales targets, key messages, objectives and that carries a strong call-to-action. Your content will be produced on a weekly basis in an online shared calendar for your prior approval before content is posted. Consistent posting of content builds strong relationships with your ideal clients and appeases the algorithm. This is because clients need to see content on average 13 times before they’ll reach out to ask for more information, therefore the content we post must be regular, varied and optimised for your target market.

Paid Package:

One-off Set Up Cost

To include –

  • Full Campaign Manager account set up
  • Installing pixel/insight tag onto your website for tracking
  • Audience/list building
  • Audience profiling

Cost: £350 (payable in advance)

Full Ads Management:

  • Awareness campaign – 6 weeks approximately (may run low level in the background for duration of activity dependent upon budget)
  • Once awareness is complete, we’ll switch to a lead generation or conversion format campaign to collect data from your target audience
  • Includes full copy and daily ad optimisation, working with creative assets you currently have to hand plus creatives we produce.

Ad budget – it is advised that you spend £50-£150/day per campaign on LinkedIn ads to start with, to test audience receptiveness initially.

Ads Management Fee: £850 + 15% of your ad budget per month.

For more information on our paid social campaigns, click here.

Our clients are scattered across the globe, so despite Red Alert Social being located in sunny Berkshire UK, there are no boundaries to us working with you when it comes to your geographical location. With a collective marketing experience spanning over 70 years, our team here at Red Alert Social bring to the table a wealth of experience and skills picked up from our careers in marketing as a whole, as well as cutting edge knowledge and credentials on all the major social media platforms. Book your consultation call with Charlie, our CEO and Founder, today to discuss partnering with us to pump life back into your business’ social media channels, and start driving those sought-after leads and awareness.