Social Media Audits

Social Media Audit Report

As well as a social media audit for your business’ channels, we also offer LinkedIn profile audits. These are for clients who wish to utilise their LinkedIn profile for lead generation. This is usually most beneficial to service based businesses. Generating leads or raising awareness on LinkedIn requires an optimised and fully leveraged LinkedIn personal profile. This audit will monitor your LinkedIn profile and identify areas for improvement/completion, assess your profile and cover images and works on a scoring system. Want to achieve LinkedIn pro status? Get your profile audit today! Our LinkedIn profile audits includes the design of a bespoke, company branded LinkedIn cover image.

LinkedIn profile audits to optimise for lead generation start at £200 per profile. Before we start, our clients answer a list of questions which help us copy-edit your headline, summary section and complete the parts of your profile that you may have missed. A full and complete profile improves your SEO on the platform and will increase the number of views to your profile, which inevitably convert to leads.

Assess Your Business’ Social Channels

A social media audit is great for clients who would like an impartial, expert assessment on their business’ social media platforms and content. The audit works on a scoring system based on current presence and highlights areas for improvement which can be implemented straight away. Advice is given on how to improve the home page and information within the page, but also on content and the best strategy to organically grow each channel.


A full social media audit report for 3 channels starts at £500.


How to conduct a social media audit

Once on-boarding has taken place, we will start our research into the audit. We will look at key areas such as first impressions (what your channel says to us from initial glance), ensuring your images are clear and centred, checking each section to make sure it’s completed as much as possible, and other house-keeping checks such as ensuring your website is linked to the channel – just as a start. We also write observations and insights from your content and provide ways to improve it.

Our clients are scattered across the globe, so despite Red Alert Social being located in sunny Berkshire UK, there are no boundaries to us working with you when it comes to your geographical location. With a collective marketing experience spanning over 70 years, our team here at Red Alert Social bring to the table a wealth of experience and skills picked up from our careers in marketing as a whole, as well as cutting edge knowledge and credentials on all the major social media platforms. Book your consultation call with Charlie, our CEO and Founder, today to discuss partnering with us to pump life back into your business’ social media channels, and start driving those sought-after leads and awareness.