Social Media Consultancy & Training

Social Media Consultancy and Training Packages

Get Skilled Up In-House

We offer bespoke social media consultancy and training on all the major platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc) which can help you manage your own channels to their full potential. Whether you’d like a LinkedIn lead generation masterclass, an Instagram hashtags deep-dive or advice on how to set up your LinkedIn ad campaigns, we will answer any burning questions you have via Zoom in a 1 hour training session.


We also offer half day or full day training sessions, remote or on location, Red Alert Social can train your team or staff members on any aspect of social media marketing. Your requirements will be gathered beforehand, and bespoke training manuals will be prepared in line with your needs.

Our clients are scattered across the globe, so despite Red Alert Social being located in sunny Berkshire UK, there are no boundaries to us working with you when it comes to your geographical location. With a collective marketing experience spanning over 70 years, our team here at Red Alert Social bring to the table a wealth of experience and skills picked up from our careers in marketing as a whole, as well as cutting edge knowledge and credentials on all the major social media platforms. Book your consultation call with Charlie, our CEO and Founder, today to discuss partnering with us to pump life back into your business’ social media channels, and start driving those sought-after leads and awareness.