Social Media ROI Calculator

Welcome to the Red Alert Social ROI calculator – where measuring the return on your social media investment just got easy.


It’s often tricky to track return on investment when it comes to organic (and sometimes, paid) social. So, to help you prove your social media efforts are paying off, we’ve created a social media ROI calculator that you can use to assess the return on your investment for your paid and organic social media campaigns.


You’ll need to know some vital information such as your average deal size, your lead-to-close rate and your website conversion rate, but once you have that data, input it into the calculator below and watch your result appear on the right hand side! Easy as that.


Technically, you should be aiming for anything above 0%, but ideally, anything over 3% is preferable. This means that for every £1 spent, you should make back £3 from your social media efforts. That’s a fantastic gross profit of 3 x your investment!


So go on, what do you have to lose? Calculate the ROI on your social media campaigns below:


Number of projected leads

Number of leads closed

Average revenue on closed deals annually

Your total social media ROI

Was the result in line with your expectations, or are you surprised or shocked at the outcome? For more free resources to make your social media management tasks easier, head to our free downloadable guides.